Top 19 Essential Tools for Smart Affiliate Marketing

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These essential tools boost sales and drive the traffic to your all platform for Affiliate Marketing

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Why beginner so difficult to make money from affiliate marketing?

Beginners are watching YouTuber’s or bloggers’ affiliate review post and start affiliate marketing that’s why they didn’t get a single sale for a long time. For example, one of the YouTubers made a video on how to earn $3000 from affiliate marketing, mostly explained with any software or third party’s program. Anybody buying that services will earn a commission, so why are you going to follow them? Don’t do that again because that content video is for promotion for services, not for guide. Learn fully about affiliate marketing step by step and then build and arrange your ways to promote the products/services.

If you want to arrange and build your affiliate marketing business you must know some of the tools. Hence, after a few months of research, I found some tools for becoming a popular affiliate on the internet within a few months soon. We are talking about these tools only here but the main things are all free to use.

Let’s dive into the Tools:

You can start with the best tools for three types of platform,



Social Media

Finally, Conclusion


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There have many blog sites to create your blog pages such as Blogger, Wix, WordPress, Weebly, ghost so on. These are called personal blogs and totally free to log in.

The second type of blog is Medium, Quora, Tumblr, Reddit so on. You couldn’t own this blog but you can post your content like social media and these are also free to log in.

Free Keywords Search Tools

Whether you want to build an affiliate marketing site, you can’t create any content without doing some research in order to find out what people are looking for. That way, you make the content that answers many peoples’ questions and also make your rank higher on search engines.

1. Zutrix

Zutrix provides a flawless keyword planner tool that can be a real game-changer when it comes to competing for higher ranks on search engines. The tool was designed by highly experienced experts in SEO and marketing, for small business owners, SEO specialists, and individual marketers, specifically to provide an ultimate, flawless kW planning experience. Zutrix’s free keyword planner tool contains the best keyword planner for your keyword research.

Zutrix Tracking and Keyword Planner Tool, you will have the opportunity to not only get ahead of your competitors but stay ahead of them. The longer you wait to get in the game, the more customers you will lose to your competitors who are playing and winning. All you need are the right tools to beat your competitors and stay ahead.

This feature enables you to spy on your competitors and find out which keywords they are ranking for in the Google search engine. The ranking keywords are related to the targeted keyword. This helps with finding long-tail keywords searched for in Google

2. Ubersuggest

It’s a very popular keyword search tool made by Neil Petal. It’s completely not free, there available updates first update cost is $10 per month and the second updates cost is $37 per month but doesn’t worry guys free version is limited keyword suggestions.

There have bet features like SEO audit, finding the best SEO keywords, finding the best PPC keywords, analyze your website’s organic traffic and analyze your competitor’s organic traffic and very helpful to build the best content on the blog or website to be high rank on the google.

Personally, I am using Ubersuggest and writing daily blog posts, its s a great free tool for affiliate marketing.

3. AnswerThePublic

It’s another keyword search tool and also very useful to build the best content on the blog and make rank high on the search engine, especially their content title suggestion pattern is very easy to understand.

Very simple to use it, just type words or topics related to your niche and it will spite out tons of topic ideas that you can write about it. Really useful to gain more people to your blog, so you can gain more audience in your platform or blog which means you will earn more money. You can know about it from the above pictures as well.

4. Google Trends

If you want to earn money from affiliate marketing you must choose the profitable niches.

So, google trend will help you to choose a topic that you get into. You have to know what is trending right now and will be trending in the future as well.

5. Google Keyword Planner

It’s mainly used to provide keyword ideas and traffic estimates to build ad campaigns.

The internet has the best keyword tools. Some of the other tools are as follows:

SemRush,, Similarweb so on.

Affiliate Content Creation Tools

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This is most useful to affiliate marketers because they want to make a good sale their content must be perfect and attract the audience by each word. So, you have to write the best article for blogs.

If you want to engage your audience with your article, don’t worry I have the best and first content created tools for making great article through it.

6. Rytr

In my beginning level struggle to create the best content article for affiliate marketing because the audience must clearly understand what we are talking about and how it will be perfect for them too. Hence, I search on google “article create tool” when I found it doesn’t believe it was worth me, after logging this tool I did my all content successfully and people bought some products.

There are available more suitable features for affiliate marketers, Rytr allows you to create content whether for your website, blog, email, or landing pages. And also available blog content ideas and other best features. Personally recommend it for affiliate beginners but the cons about it is a free version for a limited after that you have to pay a small amount. Don’t miss it for money just use the free version you will understand yourself.

7. Article Forge 3.0

Next, Article Forge is the auto high-quality content creating tool. And the best part is that asks you to enter a related keyword and get a fresh article copy.

After many years, the article forge’s team has released a new software update as an article forge v3.0, its relevant, fluent, and useful, all while still being 100% unique. So, you can make high-quality articles that you can feel confident in putting on your website without having to spend more time, proofreading so on. New updates included an Improved LSI deep learning model, Better article quality, and Redesigned interface. With the help of Article Forge API, you can schedule and post articles directly on your WordPress site. This way, you get a healthy stream of fresh content for your site. In addition to this, the article generator adds LSI keywords, relevant images, videos, and links to your new content. The inclusion of relevant images and videos makes your content stand out from the competition. It is the only AI article generator that can create content in 7 global languages. Currently, it supports English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. With the ability to generate content in multiple languages, Article Forge enables you to dominate rankings on foreign search engines. It will most definitely help you tap into a foreign untapped markets.

8. Grammarly

Normally, every blogger and online businessman knows this tool or maybe you head about it from the YouTube ads and other ads. It’s very nice and easy to use, and in addition to spotting grammatical, sentence structure, and spelling errors, Grammarly helps strengthen your writing with wording suggestions.

9. Jarvis

It's final on this article, it will help you to make ads, email, website, listings and most important to the blogs. It excels in 40+ copywriting skills such as blog posts, emails, google & Facebook ads, LinkedIn bio, e-commerce product descriptions, short social posts, YouTube video scripts, and more.

Features, its unique and most efficient feature — “Boss Mode” takes control of the software AI and creates content 2 times faster. It’s as simple as writing the command — Jarvis, write a blog post for me. And, in a matter of a few seconds, Jarvis will generate a unique blog post for you. The software works on the principle of the AIDA framework. This framework is used to catch the “Attention” of potential customers, piquing their “Interest”, followed by inducing “Desire”, and ultimately yielding “Action” from them. In addition to this, Jarvis also supports PAS or Problem-Agitate-Solution framework. This framework is highly useful in the marketing world as the content generated through this lists problems, agitate or creates a sense of fear, and finally offers your potential customers some solutions to the listed problems. Before you start generating long and complete articles via Jarvis, it also allows you to find new blog post topics. Additionally, you can also initially create blog outlines and blog post intro paragraphs with it. To complement this feature, the software also offers a sentence expander module that expands shorter sentences into longer and more engaging ones. If you are trying to create a multilingual article, Jarvis will effortlessly translate your content into 25+ languages. All the articles, ad copies, email swipes, etc. generated via Jarvis are checked for grammatical errors.

10. Canva

This one is used to create free graphics for your affiliate marketing. Canva is completely free and there is an available premium version which is also fairly cheap.

It can be thumbnails, logos, banners, or whatever sort of graphics you might need for your affiliate business, and also you can create high-quality graphics for your social media to bring the best traffic through these graphic images.

You can create the template quickly from canvas, there are available best features for Instagram ads and posts, Pinterest ads and posts, book cover and business cards and logo so on.

Free Domain
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Most of the affiliates succeed their business from websites and blogs, if you want to be like them or want to start your affiliate business via blog you must need the domain for your blog, it will help you to find your site to the people.

11. Freenom

Freedom is the first and only company to offer free domain names with full DNS services. With over 25 million free domains under management, Freenom is the world’s second-largest Registry after .COM Freenom now also sells .COM, .NET, .ORG and dozens of other extensions at COST PRICE. We offer a comprehensive reseller program to all hosting companies, without any setup or admin fees.

But you can’t get .com, .net or other domains as free, there available free domain is .TK, .GA, and .ST so on. Don’t worry that also your audience can reach your website, I am also using .tk and .ga domain you can see my domain on the browser search bar as well.

By breaking barriers and integrating free domains with the latest website building and hosting technologies, Freenom makes it easy for any business or individual to build websites and content, at no cost.

Using the latest AnyCast Cloud technology, Freenom guarantees the stability and performance of all the domains it manages. And with strategic trusted security partners such as Twitter, Internet Identity, Kaspersky, and more than 40 others, we can deliver state-of-the-art anti-abuse technology to keep free domains safe and secured for all internet users.

In November 2013, Architelos mentioned .TK, the largest ccTLD with over 20 million domains, is one of the safest domain extensions in the world.

12. Bluehost Free Domain

You can get a free domain for 12 months when you sign up for a hosting plan. One such host provider is Bluehost. You can get a free domain name for the first year of your agreement which includes a free SSL certificate, one-click WordPress install, and 24/7 support all for the promotional price of about $3.95 a month for your first term.

13. SiteGround Free Domain

SiteGround also has the same offer where they’re offering one free domain registration with a newly purchased hosting plan, so you get this for free for the first year as well. In these two scenarios, you get the domain free for 12 months when you purchase a hosting plan.


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YouTube is the most useful platform for affiliate marketing. Most of the affiliates earned millions of money from affiliate marketing by YouTube because very easily and attractively they can create reviews or products/services.

Millions of people spend their time with YouTube other than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. So, YouTube is the best platform to succeed in your affiliate marketing business as well as. And also there are available best opportunities for earning money from YouTube.

Free Video Maker and Editor Tools

I have found the best video editing software tools for video making.

Let’s we see what are they that,

14. OpenShot

OpenShot is the perfect choice for YouTube beginners and is very easy to use also and intuitive. Its drag and drop functionality is great for adding video, audio, or image files.

It’s best for clip resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, and rotation. And it offers credit scrolling frame stepping, time mapping, audio editing, and real-time preview. You also have unlimited layers for watermarks, background video, and audio tracks. That’s a lot of features packed into free software.

15. VSDC

It's free video editing software for Windows users and the free version comes with reduced features. This video editing suite included transaction effects, easy-to-use image filters, mask tool, and Chroma key functionality for green screen video effects.


It’s a video generator that allows you to make attractive videos in a few minutes with its powerful AI technology.

It has a huge templet collection for different industries. So you can choose the best templet for your affiliate niche or other purposes as well. With free plan, you can use up to 3 videos per month.

Extra video editing software such as iMovie, video gorilla, video creator commercial, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Screen Recorder Tools

It will help the YouTube affiliate marketer or TikTok affiliate marketers to record for a video review of products/services

17. Screencastify

Screencastify allows you to record the screen or webcam, and also can do Google Chrome plugin.

From Screencastify, you can trim your videos and upload them directly to YouTube. Also, export them as an MP4, MP3, or even a GIF.

18. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-o-Matic is also a screen recorder and it has a free plan, a limited time of 15 minutes for the free version if you want more recording time you can upgrade. Don’t worry their upgrade charge is very low.

19. ACEThinker

ACEThinker is completely free and can record the screen, webcam, audio so on for as long as you need. ACEThinker has been boasted 96,000 users who have created over 8.6 million videos. You can convert videos to a multitude of formats and upload them to various platforms, including YouTube.

Social Media

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Social Media is the best tool for affiliate marketing but you can’t earn money and no one will buy from social media your direct affiliate link. So, you can use social media to increase your traffic to your website or landing page, email opt-in forms so on. Because you’re just sharing your content.

Not only do tins help you with affiliate marketing, but you can also share the ideas with other affiliates and you are going to work together as well.

When you use social Media currently, it can be a very powerful affiliate marketing tool to help you grow your business.


I have included enough tools for affiliate marketing, you can succeed in your affiliate marketing business without zero balance.

Free version tools have their limitation so keep them in your mind.

If you buy the full version that best investment for your affiliate business.

So, you can best tool for affiliate marketing, what do you do next?

My blog has the best guide for beginners and intermediate affiliates to grow their affiliate revenues. I am 100% sure that is helping to be the best and the first affiliate in the Global.




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