How to upload multiple photos on Instagram from Computer(PC or MAC)

A small introduction about Instagram why it’s important nowadays?

21st-century generations are looking for earning money or increasing their wealth through online businesses. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money without a website and more knowledge. Simply, enough free social Media to promote the products and earn unbelievable income per month through it. Not only for that social Medias is one of the leading platforms in the world to do anything through it.

Here, some of the beginners of online businessmen facing problems with social Media that upload multiple photos from Laptop, PC, or MAC. Especially, Instagram web doesn’t have the option to upload multiple photos. So, we have to find the solution for it because Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms these days. It is influencing many people to become vloggers, bloggers. Instagram also is the biggest place for a become a modeler or celebrity. And many celebrities sharing their daily lives and keep their fans up to date with the latest updates.

However, now the topic is how to upload multiple photos and add a story on Instagram from Laptop or PC, or MAC easily. We will talk about it through 3 contents.

1. What kind of social media managing tool are using to upload multiple photos on Instagram

2. How to create an account?

3. How to upload multiple photos?

Let’s being…

What kind of social media managing tool are using to upload multiple photos

I searched answers for this equation from May to July 2021, but couldn’t find the answer. Finally, one of the bloggers suggested to be one of the best social media managing tools or app or third-party software is that

Yes, sound great…

It really wired and very easy to use also. It includes 8 social media to upload multiple photos and stories via this

Do you know, why I am saying it’s wired?

It has some of the wired elements such as a free account, we can manage our social Media and scheduling Instagram posts also. It means we can see the comments, likes, etc.… but especially, we can see the report of each post.

So, the best third-party software for upload multiple photos on Instagram from Laptop or PC or MAC with, but here you can search as a They both are the same just the domain name is different don’t be confused. If you are confused no worries just click on, you will be in right place for your problem and start to earn more profits.

When you click the site you’ll have this window on your Laptop or PC or MAC. The top bar has many options to do whatever you want.

Payment plan page

Anyway, the main object here, there has a pricing option. It included a free plan also such as above on picture but the free plan has a small size of storage and file size too. There available some payment plans also with small amounts. It really helps to upload big-size images and store many images too. the developer gave 6 types of plans such as free plan, personal plan, agency plan, enterprise plan, business plan, and VIP plan for monthly and yearly plan is a small amount more than the monthly plan.

How to create an account?

On that website right corner has a sign-up option highlight in black.

sign up page

When you click that sign-up button that shows the registration form. Fill in the details and select the term services and I am not a robot. and then click on the Blue highlight sing-up button.

Registration page

Then you will automatically come back to the great social’s previous page. And go through the login button and log in with your email and password.

Login page

Finally, you get your place. In the right top corner you can see your register name and left side you can see 8 social Media and dashboards, tutorials & FAQs, etc.

How to upload multiple photos?

There is a left top corner that has posted to all button also. you can upload your images through it. But key thinks before you upload the photos you must add your social media. Let me show you how to add and upload on Instagram through the below picture as well. First of all, select Instagram, and they're available two options as post and analytics. The select post button as well.

posting ways

Second, select the add account button as like in the picture below.

Add account

Opened social Media add options more and select the Instagram personal account. If you want to add a business account you can add as like this.

social media account

That will show Instagram username and password window give the account username & password and below has email & SMS option select whatever you like to get verification code. It’s coming through Instagram’s email account. These things show you, your account is safe, and don’t worry about it, nobody can’t hack your account because this third-party software makes your account safe and secure.

add an Instagram account

after getting your code to apply it. then close that new login notification window.

new login notification

Third, the like picture below has a timeline, story, IGTV, and carousel. Here, select the carousel and file manager option like the picture that shows you.

upload page

select no.3 to get your images from Laptop, or PC, or MAC. Then select the images and I am already added to my account. so, no problem go through what I said.

After adding a caption-less than 2200 words. And scheduling the post date for remaining also. Finally, press the schedule post button. successfully you will be done your marketing with instagram.

all the best and God bless you guys for achieving your business goal.

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